Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Clean Eating at Afterglow

Harlooow Chunky Monkey!!! Oh well... ...enuff of the fat shaming... ... let's all love our bodies no matter the shape and girth. Even without the emotional blackmail, the meat-loving lions would totally recommend this vegan/vegetarian friendly raw food joint by a couple formerly in public relations and oil & gas, but prolly transformed into new age hippies by now. Even if one is not into the whole high brow organic, ethically conscious, low heat, farm to table mambo jumbo, this hipster coffee joint lookalike (to deceptively seduce you into receiving clean food salvation) might just be the right place to convert a minion over to the green side. They've scrapped the earlier jekyll-hyde deli by day, healthy bar by night concept and collapsed everything into a singular entity christened Afterglow. Less confusing now wethink.
A cheeky cocktail bar that promises to be as healthy as possible, where fresh juices, herbs, flowers and all things healthy equal out the badness of alcohol! (well, thats what we shall be telling ourselves anyway)! - See more at:
A cheeky cocktail bar that promises to be as healthy as possible, where fresh juices, herbs, flowers and all things healthy equal out the badness of alcohol! (well, thats what we shall be telling ourselves anyway)! - See more at:

We gotta admit, this place sure is pretty at night with its dimmed warm lights.
Retail area with some pretty intriguing stuff. There's a
cologne with ingredients based on authentic recipes of yore
when sweaty sailors used to dab a little of the concoction
on themselves to chase away the smellies.
Attempt at rustic elegance with haphazardly placed
stalks of herbs and flowers on the table. Emphasising the
farm to table concept? There is effort made by the owners to
establish relationships with small-time producers and farmers in the
region and locally. Good to know that the items on your
plate came ethically-sourced.
Vintage inspired Papillionaire bicycle on display is for sale as well.
Ooooo.... Spidey will love this multi-armed light fixture.
Tessellated tiles... ... very trendy nowadays... ...
Prep work in the kitchen.
Full house so the lions were shoo-ed to the breezy corridor.
They were not in the mood for java at night even tho'
the two cats would come to regret their decision later.
Espresso machine mounted on mobile cart.
Broccoli Soup ($14) with spiced dehydrated broccoli.
The lioness would have preferred it chilled instead. The spiced dehydrated
slices of vege tasted a little like pickled chai poh.
Rainbow Drag-Pom Salad ($16): Avocado, Dragonfruit &
Pomegranate with chopped macadamia and mint dressing.
This had gotta be the lioness' favourite dish of the night
with its cheeky contrasting textures and flavours that titillate
with every bite. Crunchy, Soft, Tart, Sweet, Grassy, Dry,
Juicy... ... ok you get the drift.
Deconstructed Sushi Bowl ($16): chewy black rice with seasonal
pickles, shiitake, avocado and miso dressing with a hint of
wasabi. Quite an inventive dish. Despite not being fans of
"healthy rice" and the usually dry mouthfeel when consumed,
they polished off every grain in the bowl. The moist goodness of
the avocado and pickles alleviated what would otherwise be
a Sahara dry situation.
Off menu item: Zucchini Lasagne ($16) with cashew sauce, spinach, shiitake
and tomatoes. Supposed to be a linguine dish but they ran outta pasta.
So, the chef ingeniously created this dish as a substitute. This was the lion's
favourite dish of the night. Thinly sliced zucchini acted as the layers of pasta
and a light creamy cashew sauce was used in place of traditionally punchy and
heavy tasting ingredients like bechamel, ragu and cheese.

The menu at Afterglow was created in consultation with a Czech nutritionist and raw food advocate, Adela Stoulilova. Besides being heat-free, the dishes are also said to be sugar-free, and pink Himalayan and bamboo salt are used in place of regular salt. Overall, the lioness found the bill a tad steep for the portions that were served but the lion reminded her that quality, sustainable food done with much thought and care is not always affordably priced on the island. Boo-hoo! 

A few guilty moments later ... ...

The lions couldn't help themselves. In trance-like fashion,
they made a curious beeline for Tong Ah's ridiculously good
kopi just across the road. With a side of kaya toast of course.
You can take the lion out of the city but you cant take the city
outta de lion, ok... ...

by Anglow
24 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089131

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