Friday, May 23, 2014

Take a Brake at Coast Cycles

Another bicycle-themed cafe opens in the Lion City after the underground popularity of Wheeler's Yard. But this time, it's backed by some serious mettle: Coffee by independent roastery Papa Palheta, Menu by Chef Willin Low (aka the godfather of mod-sing cuisine) and the first proudly designed-in-Singapore patented bicycles for discerning urbanites by former national athlete and industrial design graduate, Jansen Tan.  Wow, so much street-cred it's enough to send our pulse racing for another cuppa. The lions don't profess to be serious cyclists but Mr Monster Cat who has test-rode a bike here raved about the sexy design and fluid smoothness of the ride.

Coast Cycles is a 3,000 square foot, 2-storey purpose-built facility housing a design studio, greenery patio, showroom, workshop, retail gallery and "social space" providing refreshments. Despite the generous space, coffee enthusiasts might want to note that ground-floor seating at Coast and Company (the social space offering specialty coffee in collaboration with Papa Palheta) is rather limited for now as they are currently operating under a take-away license. So on busy weekends, you might want to grab a take-away cuppa while checking out those sexed-up machines.

Coast and Company serves up the Throwback blend
(Brazil Cerrado and Indonesia Ratawali Valley) by Papa Palheta here with
its punchy chocolatey notes.
Grab a bag of coffee beans or aeropress on top of other java accessories
at the little retail space.
Our sincere apologies. We can't help but check out the
conscientiously designed washroom through the exposed
glass panels. Some old shophouse elements have been
retained. The look and feel of the place is put together
by architectural design consultancy, Fuur Associates.
The signature bike of Coast Cycles. We like it that this bike
was specifically designed to accommodate local riding conditions
(read: uneven roads) in our tropical climate of scorching heat
and rain. Hence, it was engineered also to be rust proof
and simple to upkeep. The handbars can be twisted to the side
for easy storage in tight areas and the soft touch foam grips and
microfibre saddles work great in the humidity.
Just one word for the java here: top-notch.
Not to be upstaged by all the cool cycles, the sleek
Synesso machine here comes with trendy wooden grips.
Natural light streams in unhindered through the holed-out windows.
Beef Rendang Hotdog with Dijon Chips ($14)
was heavenly and spot-on with a rush of fragrant local
spices in the meaty gravy. Prices are on the
very steep side for cafe grub though and the variety of cakes
and pastries on offer are pretty dismal as compared to
Craftsmen Specialty Coffee, its other Siglap neighbour.
Yup they service bikes of all pedigrees here at the
workshop that is visible from the cafe area.
Limited food menu.
Merchandise area.
Coast Cycles T-shirts.
The patented "Stealth Internal Cable Routing" keeps all
unsightly cables within a seamless aluminum enclosure
with no visible welds. And unlike conventional bicycles,
they eschew the chain system for a special carbon belt
system that requires no lubrication.
At the workshop. Service your wheels here.
Drool over the immaculately neat display of tools.
This place might get a little grubby over time and that's cool too.
Head up the stairs to the Coast Cycles Experience Centre
- a gallery displaying the full range of Coast Cycles.
Take a test ride of any model around the neighbourhood.
A homegrown bicycle brand.

Everyone needs some time to coast indeed. Happy weekend!

Coast and Company
(Coast Cycles)
A Papa Palheta x Coast Cycles Establishment
54 Siglap Drive
Singapore 456176

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