Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Le Comptoir - Weekend Brunch at a Gallic Creperie

This joint has got to be the lions' new favourite weekend branch spot nestled in a lovely triangular Art Deco building at an intersection of Circular Road (read: no sign of the frenzied weekday office bees; surprisingly quiet and lazy vibe for a humid Saturday). Yippee... ... According to local papers, it seems that the relatively lower rents of this very central part of town, with its row of still pretty shophouses, has invited much investor interest recently. Is an elegant rejuvenation of this "unsavoury" stretch, with its low brow karaoke bar tenants and ladies of the night, going to spark a total gentrification? Time can only tell... ...

Brought to you by the same folks behind O Batignolles at Club Street, this French creperie and winebar is certainly charming on a languid Saturday with its soothing blue hues and understated nautical theme. It professes to offer authentic Breton sweet crepes and savoury galettes (crepe made with buckwheat flour) from Brittany and an impressive list of traditional ciders from Normandy. Crepes from Brittany and Ciders from Normandy - a heartwarming homage to where the owners originally hail from or so the lions were told by the handsome French staff at ze bar.

For traditionalists, look forward to French classics like the Emmental Cheese & Ham galette ($12) or Plain Salted Butter ($5). For more restless and capricious palates, take your pick from a range of unusual Asian-inspired choices, such as Vietnam Calling (Beef, Carrots, Peanuts & Onions); Kanpai! (Tofu, Wasabi, Spinach & Breadcrumbs); Kao San Road (Prawns, Mango Chutney & Mint); and Chase the Spices (Masala Chicken, Cheese, Chili & Ginger). Prices hover around $20 and less for these more exotic galettes. Apart from crepes, there are also other European selections on the menu like Ratatouille, Foie-Gras with Fig, Salmon Tartare, Rump Steak with Roquefort and Pesto Tagliatelle.

For playful souls, grab this envied spot with the only swing
chair in the restaurant.
Totally in love with the decor! So unlike staid, dark wood outfits in France.
Pet friendly as well :)
 What stood out was their cider list (excellent value) featuring
uncommon labels from Normandy.  The ciders here were a
notch more complex and drier than the usual bar variety ciders
on the island. Even the often thirsty lion who is not too partial
towards ciders in general conceded that they were memorably
good. (Above) The lioness with her delicious glass of
Poire Bouche Brut, Cidrerie de la Brique ($7)
The lions preferred this crisp and fruity Pear Dry Cider.
Sorry blur pic, drunk on excitement,
of Cidre Doux, Domaine Fornier ($6) which was essentially
apple sweet cider. The lion's tipple was tart and slightly
heavier compared to the lioness' choice.
Do check out their rose ciders as well.

Menage a Five (Classic): Emmental Cheese, Swiss Ham, Egg,
Mushroom and Tomato ($16). This breakfast combination
worked really well as a whole and the galette still retained its 
freakish crispiness! Shiok!
Skip this Seafood Spirit of Scallops, Butter, Bacon and
Leek Fondue ($25). The saving grace for this insipid dish
was that the entire galette was crunchily crisp and not
soaked soggy with sauces or juices.
Mr Video Game, the lions' companion, went for the
Morning Texas ($16) and was not disappointed.
It was chockful of minced beef, scrambled eggs, corn,
bacon and homemade ketchup.
Coco Chanel ($11) - Sweet Dessert Crepe.
This sweet crepe of pear, chocolate, chantilly and almonds
was delectably chewy. Prolly the cheapest Chanel you can
get your hands on ;p
Walking around the neighbouring China Square... ...

Like what its name suggests, this creperie is looking to transform into a groovy afterwork nightspot with a live DJ cranking up the tunes on weekdays. Smart move, given its locale near stressed out CBD executives.

Le Comptoir
79 Circular Road
Singapore 049433

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