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Lavender Bao at new Yum Cha CBP (Mother's Day Edition)

With all the hype over a Hong Kong dim sum import with a 'm' star opening in Singapore, the lions were kinda curious to revisit this homegrown tim sum restaurant. They are doing pretty well as surmised, for Yum Cha had opened its newest outlet at Changi Business Park last November (good for you Easties!). The two cats last visited the flagship restaurant in Chinatown a few years back for its good value tim sum and were happy to be updated again on the menu during a media food tasting session held at the CBP outlet.

For Java Addicts, another reason to move your ass down to this part of
Changi Business Park on top of an array of f&b offerings:
an artisanal sandwich bar serving great gourmet coffee and bread sourced
from local bakeries. Too bad, Knead to Eat only opens its doors on
weekdays for the office crowd.
Yum Cha Chinatown is one of the rarities on the island that gallantly retains the traditional pushcart style of hawking tim sum apart from the inimitable Red Star.  Grub here remains rather accessible and straightforward, qualities that have made the Yum Cha brand popular among tourists and families. What sets Yum Cha Changi apart from the other 2 outlets is the availability of Hong Kong Roast Delights exclusive to this Eastern branch.

Barbecue & Roast (only available at Changi Business Park outlet):

 BBQ combination ($22.80/ 3 varieties):
Crispy Roasted Pork, Honey Roast Char Siew
& Crispy Roasted Duck.
Separate order of Braised Soya Chicken ($16/Half).
While the lions did not particularly fancy the soya chicken,
the BBQ platter was done really well. Special mention goes
to the "crackle to the max" crispy roasted pork.

Warning: order only if you are watching your waistline.
The lioness loved the refreshing Orange Peel Drink ($3.50)
with very little sugar added. Very natural tasting but might
be quite bland for those used to sugary beverages.
Honey Watercress ($3.50). But the lion thought this drink a
little too watered down for him. More watercress in there,

Fish Roe Siew Mai ($3.80/3 pcs)
Har Gow ($4.60/3pcs). The classics of siew mai and har gow
were straighforward renditions but what impressed
were the generous prawn fillings. The prawn-to-meat
ratio of the siew mai was particularly high.
BBQ Pork Bun ($2.80/2pcs). This fluffy staple got a
thumbs up from another char siew bao siao blogger at the
table. Not surprising as this branch specialises in BBQ roast.
Prawn Rice Flour Roll ($4.50). A little powdery, says the lion.
Sliced Grass Carp Fish Congee ($7.80).
Yum Cha does their congee pretty well in that comforting
Hong Kong style. Slurp!
Steamed Pork Ribs with Sour Plum ($4.80).
This got mixed reviews. The lioness loved the slightly tangy
bite of the sour plum in there; not for traditionalists who are used to
the usual black bean sauce marinate. An interesting take nonetheless.
Custard Bun ($4.50/3pcs).
Not the lions' favourite version but good to satisfy a
craving. Love the gorgeous colour though.

Crystal Mushroom Dumpling ($3.80/3pcs)
Crystal Chives Dumpling ($3.80/3pcs) - for serious jiu cai
or Chinese chives lovers.
Vinegar Pork Trotter (By request during weekends).

PR Recommendations:

We must say that all the items highlighted as must-try dishes were stellar,
save for the spring roll (note: lion doesn't really fancy that much tau ge in it).
Shrimp Beancurd Roll ($4/3pcs) - absolutely crisp skin (pi) was delightful
Prawn & Mango Fritters ($4/3pcs) - a sublime marriage of sweet, savoury
and crunchy
Crispy Spring Roll ($3.20/3pcs) - vegetarians might like this one... ...
Lions' favourite: Crispy Red Bean with Banana ($3.80/3pcs).
They coo-ed embarrassingly as their eyes rolled back into
sockets in sheer ecstasy.
Lemongrass Jelly ($4). Everyone loved this particular
dessert with its heady aroma. It was a light and welcomed
end to the line up of rich dim sum dishes earlier.

Mother's Day Menu Add ons:
(from 5 to 11 May 2014 at all outlets except during 6pm-11am at Serangoon Gardens branch)

The lioness really dig everything and anything lavender, especially when
infused in food. So it came as a surprise that her macho partner declared his
adoration for the Lavender Buns as well. He said that the filling had a comfortingly
familiar taste. Very much like that of the traditional tutu kueh. He thought that
the whiff of floral notes added a pleasant dimension to the bao. Like holding a
flower in your hands and then biting into a fruit instead. Ok! Enuff of similes,
you get the drift :)
Lavender Buns with Shredded Coconut aka 熏衣草椰香飽.
– Real lavender buds are mixed with flour during the prep process.
Love the hint of purple in the bun.  ($2.80/ 2 pcs).
Steamed King Prawn Dumplings with Double Fish Roe
aka 魚子龍皇餃.
This is essentially a giant Siew Mai with the addition
of a whole king prawn in the middle and a kiss of
black sturgeon roe at the top. ($3.50 per piece)
Glazed Fruit Tart.
The lions were debating about this inclusion. They didn't think that mummies
would appreciate this smallish tart but then thought it would be more
appropriate for the little uns at the table. ($2 per pc).

This modern CBP outlet is also popular with families during the weekends (free 2hr parking after grocery shopping at neighbouring Fairprice Xtra/min $30 spending). 

Yum Cha Chinatown:
Push carts, wooden chairs and round marbled tables bring back good old nostalgia of Chinese tradition.
Admittedly, the lions still preferred Yum Cha Chinatown to her more modern sister.
Cos very few places still retain the traditional marble-topped tables and pushcarts.

Thanks to Yum Cha and the Influencer Network for the invite.

Yum Cha Changi
6 Changi Business Park Ave1
#01-33 UE Bizhub EAST (next to NTUC)
Singapore 486017
Tel : 6789 1717 
Nearest MRT Station: Expo
Opening Hours:
10.30am – 3pm, 6pm-9pm

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