Monday, May 12, 2014

New Menu at Poulez Vous

Sunday afternoon saw the lions having a quick catch up with friends before some serious music lessons. They headed for the languid Mount Sinai district.

Meh! Food at Sterling Highway would take 40mins so
the lions headed for Poulet Vous instead.
Opened by celebrity photographer, Russel Wong and
Magdalene Tang of Mag’s Wine Kitchen. Russel was
inspired by the rustic, home-style roast chicken that
he bought off the streets while covering the Tour de France.
Despite such illustrious owners, simplicity is celebrated in
this little semi-alfresco joint. The star dish is the "Specialty French
Rotisserie Chicken". Sakura Chicken is supposedly used here. The
bird is reared of course without the introduction of antibiotics and icky
growth hormones, and are fed with lactobacillus to enhance their
immune systems naturally. They are also bred in an environment with
piped in Mozart. How civil... ...
The new expanded menu now features items like lasagne,
beef burger, chicken sandwich, fish and chips and quesadilla.
Beef Lasagne ($15) was the lions' favourite dish. It packed
a pleasant explosion of homemade, umami flavouts
They use cod (waah atas!) in this Fish and Chips ($13).
Nicely battered and fried to crispy perfection.
An imported rotisserie from The Netherlands that
can slow cook 24 chickens at one go!!! Only 3 chickens are
left on this spit here.
The lions ordered half a chicken ($16) to share but
came away a little disappointed. Yes, it was really juicy but
surprisingly a little bland. The skin, too, wasn't particularly 
crispy as described by some online reviewers. Perhaps it
is good that an expanded menu has been introduced to
cater to the taste and preference of different palates.
Illy Coffee served here. Nothing gourmet but
a strong, straightforward cuppa.
Or you might like some commercial coolers on this hot day
A resident fat cat doing his manja act for food... ...

Poulez Vous
5 Ridgewood Close
(Ulu Pandan)
Unit G6
Singapore 276696

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