Saturday, November 19, 2011

DNA of a good cuppa

Biopolis, a hub for research and development and located at One-North Buona Vista area. Known for international biomedical research and Cute Cute the lion read about long black cafe in biopolis on the papers and was wondering when he should go down to have a taste of the coffee..... Mmmmm.... Lion began to daydream then suddenly, lion's phone rang. (Yes, lion owns a phone as he has a business to take care of: farming care bears) Well, what did you know, it is Mr No Time and Ms Any Time! As Mr No Time was around NUH, they were wondering if lion was free for coffee. Just in the nick of time as Lion's caffeine level was low. Although Ms Any Time wanted coffee but she does not know whether there's any good coffee joint around that area. Immediately, long black cafe sprung into mind. A meeting time was set and the lions and a little kitten name Mew Mew flew down to Biopolis.

For those who are not familiar with biopolis and are driving, go to the entrance of carpark A, head down to basement 2 and drive to the pillars which is showing Centros. That's the building where Long Black Cafe is situated. Ms Any Time and Mr No Time were rather amazed by the cafes and restaurants here. We ordered long black coffee (what else?), flat white and Cuchi's fav - bruschetta. The long black is the most inexpensive in all the cafes that I have visited. At $2.80+, it is a real steal. Using their own blend of beans, the long black was smooth with a slight hint of acidity at the end which was not lingering. The strength of the coffee was strong but not overpowering and of course, the temperature of the coffee was just right. Kudos to the barista for this! The flat white was pleasantly done and the milk was frothed well.
Flat white

Mew Mew's first shot at coffee modeling

The bruschetta was good too according to Ms Any Time and Cuchi. Women and their bruschetta! A lovely area to chill out with friends, long black cafe's choice of music was also very soothing and nice, very suitable to relax.

Here is our review

Price of coffee: Range between $2.80 to $5.00 depending on type (There's a service charge of 10%)
Coffee quality: 8.5 pawprints out of 10 
Food quality: We only tried the bruschetta so we cannot really gauge the quality. But we will be back to try their other food like cakes and pasta.
Ambience: 8.5 pawprints out of 10 

Specials that you should try: Long black coffee

For those who are interested in going there, here is the address and website

Long Black Cafe
20 Biopolis Way, Centros Block,
Singapore 138668
Tel: 6478 9945

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