Friday, November 11, 2011

High rise dining at Costal Del Sol

We have the privilege to be invited to a very secluded dining event and it's only by a per request basis. Apparently it is Cuchi's birthday and some of the lions are invited for a nice treat. Costal Del Sol, situated in the Eastern part of Singapore with a view of the sea to match the meal that is being served.
View from the dining area
The main chef, Chef Me, presented to us the main course of the evening, Wagyu beef. Carefully hand selected by Chef Me, he was excited to show us the beef before it was cooked. Beautifully marbled and at a grade of 5 (if I did recall correctly), the beef looked like it can win a beauty contest for food.
Well, that's just the prelude to a food concert....Our first course (Out of a 5 course) is the appetiser, Peaches on a bed of spinach and sprinkled with goat's cheese. The spinach, peaches and goat's cheese blend very well with one another giving your mouth a variety of tastes at one shot. Next up is the potato soup. Very thick and could be served as a meal by itself!
Peaches on a bed of spinach with goat cheese

Mr Potato Head soup
Our next course was another of Chef Me's specialty, pan seared salmon. The salmon was done very well, slightly cooked on the outside but a bit raw on the inside. One can taste the salmon oil when you sink your teeth into the fish. The salmon indeed gave us quite a memorable lingering experience, as one mutual friend, Mr BT (Business Times), would say ''This fish died a worthy beautiful death''

The main course was up next...... Waygu beef. Later, we found out that we would be having 2 portions of Wagyu beef! (Praise the Lord for that!) The first one was the Sirloin part of Waygu followed by the ribeye of Wagyu. The beef looks normal when it came out but the taste was out of this world. You can taste the fat that has melted in the beef. Wonderfully done and still retains some pink in the centre to allow you to taste the freshness of the beef.
After the baptism of fire

Tuffy the lion looking greedily at the Wagyu
Feeling so full after so many courses, there is still the dessert left to fill up Cuchi. Unique cupcakes from fat lady were flown in from Haji Lane to complement the dessert that is coming up next, Poached apples with cinnamon sauce topped with ice cream. Apparently this is a ladies' fav as Chef Me said that a few ladies asked him for the recipe. Sweet with a soft touch, it kinds of give a warming down to the wonderful meal that we had. On top of that, there were entertainment too! There's nice music that suits the meal, kids singing for you (only upon request) and some soccer excitement too!
Fat lady's cupcakes

Started with peaches, ended with apples.
Here is our review of ''Dining at Chef Me's

Price of food: Depends on the menu of Chef Me's
Food quality: 8.5 pawprints out of 10 
Ambience: 8 pawprints out of 10 (However they score extra for entertainment)
Company of Chef Me: Priceless

Unfortunately Chef Me's dining is only opened to close friends who would really criticize his food that he has no choice but to improve.

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