Sunday, November 27, 2011

Savoring Saveur...

Joo Chiat Area, one of Singapore's more authentic chill out areas for food and drinks. Home to some of the popular food in Singapore like Katong Laksa, it is also home to many other coffee joints and quirky food joints. The lions were wandering around that area when Singa noticed a goose on one of the stall signboards. It was not about a stall selling roast goose but Saveur! A little French joint, which serves your traditional French fare, Saveur had been in operation early this year and became more and more popular in Singapore. On top of that, it was set up by Singaporeans! Nothing like supporting our home guys!
Stall front of Saveur
After waiting for a short while for seats, the lions got to ordering food. Angel hair with Kombu, foie gras, duck confit and beef bourguignon were ordered by Cuchi. Cuchi was a bit surprised when she was told that waiting time was 40 minutes. Having some time to spare, the lions waited, at least they were sitting beside the road and watched vehicles and people walked past as they gazed and waited.
Angel hair with kombu

Foie Gras on Lentil
The appetisers came first and they were wolfed down ferociously. The angel hair with kombu (a cold dish) looked plain but it was very tasty. A very good appetiser to start your taste buds working. The foie gras came thinly-sliced but it was just nice for one lion. Wasn't the best foie gras in Singapore but at $7.50, it was a good deal especially if one had not tried foie gras before.
Beef bourguignon

Duck Confit at only $8.90!
Finally the main courses came.The beef bourguignon was tender but it was not fantastic, the star was the duck confit. One complete duck leg laid on top of mashed potatoes graced with mushrooms and tangerine slices. One taste of the duck confit, you could tell that the duck was marinated long enough. Skin of the duck was also crispy. All in all, it was a nice French meal for the lions and at a grand total of $35.00 for four items (which was reasonable), it had some hits and misses.

Here is our review for Saveur

Price of food: Expect to spend about $15 per person for a full meal
Food quality: 8.5 pawprints out of 10
Ambience: 6 pawprints out of 10 (It is located in a coffee shop)

Specials that you should try: Duck Confit, Angel hair with kombu
For those who are interested in going there, here is the address

Ali Baba Eating House, Foodstall No 3
125 East Coast Road, Singapore 428810
Tel: 91250124

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