Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Historical Place for Gelato..... And surprisingly Coffee!

Wanting to go to a chill out area where it is rather authentic, Cute Cute and Cuchi flew down to Arab Street to have a little nip. After an uneventful and ordinary dinner, Cuchi desired ice cream to sooth her throat. (Women and their desserts!) The lions were about to head to an ice creamery when both of them noticed something! Quietly tucked upstairs above an Indian Muslim eatery at Bussorah Street was this little gelato ice creamery, Gelato Di Posto Storico. (I believe it translates as The Historical Place of Gelato) Cuchi saw the word Gelato while Cute Cute saw the word Expresso.

Headed upstairs and were surprised by the cafe's cosiness. One would have a feeling of homeliness here. The owner and staff were also very friendly which added to the feeling. While Cuchi ordered her gelato (Pistachio flavor), lion looked through the brightly lit coffee list. Hmm.... Mafioso.... What's that? Thinking that it was a drink associated with the mafia, it was ordered. (Heh!) According to the owner and staff, Mafioso is an expresso topped with a huge amount of cream.
A very nutty pistachio gelato! I like!

Help! Mew Mew crept up on the Mafioso!
The expresso was nice and smooth, plus the cream was a high quality cream which was very silky. Surprisingly they were a good combination, as on one hand, the expresso was strong and the cream was light but nicely sweetened. The gelato was also good, very nutty with a strong taste of pistachio. Could tell that the gelato was home made due to the taste and the fact that the owner was grinding something and pouring it into a huge pot which should be used for making gelato.
Nostalgic games to play while having your coffee / gelato

All in all, it was a pleasant experience, should you find yourself surrounded by a lot of people and the noise and dust from cars and people gets to you at Arab Street, you could pop upstairs and enjoy the coffee and ice cream while you look down upon the busy street and just smile..........

Here is our review

Price of coffee: Range between $3 to $5.50 depending on type
Coffee quality: 8 pawprints out of 10 
Ambience: 8 pawprints out of 10

Specials that you should try: Mafioso, Gelato
For those who are interested in going there, here is the address and website

Gelato Di Posto Storico
20A Baghdad Street, Singapore 199659
Tel: 63966466

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