Sunday, November 13, 2011

Slaying the hunger dragon at St George's

We were very blessed to be invited for a meal at St George's place by Mr HammocK and Ms JellY. Being there just 4 of us (Cute Cute and Cuchi), I was just expecting something very simple. However, I was kinda of surprised that our hosts brought out the full guns to feed all of us. 
Dried beef hor fun
The only thing we contributed was the dried beef hor fun and satay that we had bought to complement the food that Mr HammocK and Ms JellY were cooking. Think this is where the blankets part of this blog comes in. Blankets and Coffee will also feature some of the home cooked food by friends and family members. Adventurous at trying our new things, Mr HammocK and Ms JellY checks out places that sell unique fresh produce and meats and cooks them at home, allowing them to control their ingredients, the amount they spend for their meals and of course the different variety of food they can have in a meal.
Mr HammocK's staple
Potato wrapped prawns, churizos and marinated squid
Marinated grilled chicken wings

We were treated to a feast and enjoyed the company. Of course, the food in the photos were not the only thing that were served. Dessert was an array of ice cream, your choice. And finally we ended the meal with wine and cheese. While it was a simple meal, we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Here is our review of St George Dining Room

Price of food: Free but Mr HammocK will accept payment in other forms of food
Food quality: Varies. They are still improving their cooking skills.
Ambience: 8 pawprints out of 10 (Do check out their sound system)

Some must tries in their home are their home made items. They do try to make food from scratch. Upcoming are their soya bean milk, ham and maybe even bbq ribs!

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