Sunday, November 27, 2011

Precious Child of Casuarina Road

Raining, wet, cold, hungry and not wanting to go to places that were packed with tons of people....those were the feelings of Cute Cute the lion during one Sunday dinner. Then came one of the toughest questions to answer.... what's for dinner? After cracking their feline heads, Cuchi and Cute Cute thought of one of their old hidden Japanese joints - Tamago (meaning precious child in Japanese). Lion had not been there for some time and reminisced about the home cooked meals that he had there. Let's go then!
A nice little Japanese casual joint situated at Casuarina Road, Tamako was overshadowed by Casuarina Prata but they had a good following too. The lions were joined by Kermit and lots of food were ordered. Onigiri, oyakodon, potato salad, stir-fried squid rings, saba shio and fried beef were the spread of the day.  The potato salad had the right consistency in texture and was a refresging appetiser. Onigiri, oyakodon and the rest all tasted very home-cooked. The beef was done in a way that was not Japanese and not really Chinese either, rather fusion instead.
Salmon Onigiri


Saba Shio
The Saba Shio was also good deal as it only cost $8 for quite a huge slab. Cats will love it. Ultimately, what was a good dinner without  dessert. Cuchi always love the specialty dessert here which is the Yakult Sundae. Scoops of vanilla ice cream followed by drowning them in your choice of yakult flavors. Seems like Kermit being sweet-toothed himself also took to the sundae after watching Cuchi eat it.
Wow.... Yakult Sundae....

A lovely cosy ambience, not too overcrowded, tasty food.... what's the last? Reasonable price for the food! Although the lions ordered quite a fair bit, they only had to pay 5 carebears (which converts to $50) In addition, they had also added grilled items to their menu! Little wonder that the lions will be back here for a meal again!

Here is our review for Tamako

Price of food: Expect to spend about $15 per person
Food quality: 7.5 pawprints out of 10
Ambience: 7.5 pawprints out of 10

Specials that you should try: Potato Salad, Saba Shio, Curry Rice (Lions tried that last time)
For those who are interested in going there, here is the address

Tamako Meal
128 Casuarina Road, Singapore
Tel: 6553 4128

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