Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Bowls of Nostalgia at Dessert Times

The lions were exploring the Changi Village area and wanted a place to sit and relax as they waited for a plane carrying friends to touch down. As it was pretty late in the night, most shops had shuttered for the day. What a pleasant surprise when they stumbled upon Dessert Times that opened last October with their traditional bowls of homemade desserts in a setting that harks back to a bygone era. 

Jolly good! This traditional dessert joint closes at midnight on a Saturday.
Scooping out bowls of sweet gruel from old school aluminium pots.
Childhood snacks from yesteryears.
My gosh, even middle-aged ahem... ladies can't resist
these nostalgic treats from old school biscuit tins.  We
spot a few of them buying a couple of packets for the
Order forms in a tin can.
Menu designed like an old tear-off Chinese almanac
The lions are in the mood for hot desserts: Black sesame rice
balls in spicy ginger soup and pulut hitam. Really delicious
and not too cloyingly sweet. For those who love cold desserts,
try their signature Mango Triple Happiness.
Grabbing a packet of pola animal snack.
Pulley system of tin cans that used to hold the day's takings in the past.
How many childhood games can you spot?
Remembering the simple hobby of raising fighter fish.

Dessert Times
Blk 5 Changi Village Road
Singapore 500005

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