Saturday, February 1, 2014

Visiting a Dragon Kiln

Happy Lunar New Year folks! The lions are taking a break from all that ravenous gorging to catch up with family and friends. Here's a pictorial post from their recent excursion to one of the last remaining dragon kilns in Singapore. Cuchi was reminiscing about her pottery lessons during her school days there. The dragon kiln at Thow Kwang is fired an elusive two times a year; ceramic pottery and other fine sculptures are placed inside the kiln for that unique glaze that cannot be achieved elsewhere. It's heartening to hear that the powers up there is extending the lease of the land for another few years; this is one piece of our island's heritage and history that's worth preserving for future generations. Hey, even the domestic doyenne, Martha Stewart, has graced its rustic walkways under zinc roofs. Its expertise was also sought for the much-loved local drama series - The Little Nyonya.

Thow Kwang
5 Lorong Tawas, off Jalan Bahar
Singapore 639823

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