Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunny Side Up Pineapple Delights at SunnyHills

A rigorous meeting in town saw the lioness and Mr & Miss Monster Cat settling down for some peace and quiet at SunnyHills after the brain-teasing session. Nestled in the serene upper floors of the iconic grand dame - Raffles Hotel - SunnyHills, with her elegant au naturel wood-based furnishings and minimalist Japanese inspired decor, exudes a placid Zen-like calm. This is complemented by the warm and endearing Taiwanese hospitality as every guest is served a complimentary cup of organic oolong tea and a SunnyHills' signature oblong pineapple pastry. There is no obligation to buy but most people would gladly do so after sampling the buttery, brick-like pastry with 100% pulpy pineapple filling.

Premium Taiwanese oolong tea (none of the harsh, astringent
mouthfeel of inferior ones usually served at local restaurants here)
is served in a dainty ceramic cup on a wooden tray alongside the cult
pastry that has fans queuing up before opening at the Taipei store.
Shreds of tangy pineapple not too cloyingly sachaarine
from the red clay fields of the Ba Gua Mountain in Nantou. There
are at least 20 different pineapple varietals in grown Taiwan and
a particular varietal is used here whose flavour is more intense
and whose texture is more fibrous to withstand oven baking
temperatures. The crust is made from creamy New Zealand butter
and high grade yolks from a neighbouring antibiotic-free farm.
It's no bonsai but this plant grown in a coconut husk is so
elegantly beautiful.
Admire the delicate (ahem expensive) teapot glassware.
We hear that some unfortunate guests occasionally
break these fragile pieces whose value is a healthy three
figure sum.
Pineapple juice, a by-product when pineapple gets
processed, is bottled and sold at SunnyHills.
Each batch of juice taste different and comes with a tag
of recommended recipes. Pineapple cocktails, anyone? 
Cuchi is a huge fan of S&W's sublimely delicious
canned pineapple juice but this takes the cake for
its subtle sweetness and refreshing tartness.
Checking out where the handmade ceramic cups are birthed.
Take away a box of ten scrumptious pineapple pastry for $25.

Thanks to Mr Monster Cat, the architectural photographer by day, for taking
the superb main interior shots by crummy iphone.

SunnyHills currently has four showcase and retail stores in four countries namely Taiwan, Japan, Shanghai and Singapore. Each store is a destination unto itself and only one exists in every country. 

SunnyHills @ Raffles Hotel
Raffles Hotel Arcade
328 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188719

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