Friday, February 28, 2014

The WoodShed at Rangoon Road

The lioness is used to catching up on emails and work on the go between meetings and such. The two essential things that she can't do without while on the rove are - wifi and a power outlet. And they are few and far between on this island. Can't blame cafes for doing away with these to discourage those kiam siap bench warmers though.  Her favourite spot has always been the homely L'etoile at Owen Road. So, when she ventured into Woodshed, a new cafe along the Rangoon Stretch that is home to more well-established names like Jewel and Liberty, she was pleasantly pleased to find yup just about the two necessities to stay connected.

WoodShed is nestled in the nondescript building along
Rangoon Road that is home also to Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh
of the 50's peppery Teochew-style pork rib broth fame
at a humble corner.
WoodShed is named after the cavern-like entrance
that is made of the said natural material.
Head in for some mood-improving coffee, tea and cakes.
What a sustainable concept man. WoodShed adopted
whatever remained of the ID of previous tenants that
included an upmarket bicycle retail store and an interior
decor firm. 
Grandpa and Grandma would be happy sitting on these
comfy rattan chairs.
Hipsters would give their stamp of approval for these vintage inspired
One of the cafe co-founders quipped that he wants
patrons to feel absolutely at home here.
Feels like home? If only most homes had such huge living areas and
high ceilings in land deficient Singapore.
Barista at work in the background.
Let's check out the menu mounted on - what else - wood.
The lioness was a little disappointed with the cake selection
that afternoon. There was a grand total of 3 bakes to choose
from: carrot cake, chocolate cake and brownie. We hear that
a chef will be coming soon in the month of April so stay tune
for an all day breakfast menu and light bites.
Love the riot of colours here :)
At least the coffee's noteworthy! Beans are sourced from
a local roaster. The cafe's tight-lipped on the exact source
though as the roastery prefers to remain low key. Hmmm...
so indie ah... ...

204 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218451

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  1. I do like how they put in effort to decor the cafe. Gives me the cozy feeling :)