Monday, February 17, 2014

Sounds like a lotta Hoopla at Media Circle

Hello folks! The lions headed back again to Media Circle for brunch at Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen. Sitting cheekily beside her indie neighbour, Revolution Coffee, this bright and happily spacious joint brings a fresh level of enthusiasm for java to the quiet and serene nook that houses also The Grocer by Sterling. Weekend brunch lovers will be pleased by the extensive menu and the full daytime opening hours on lazy Saturdays and Sundays. Hoopla!

Media Circle with its illustrious residents like Discovery Networks Asia.
The creative folks rejoice as Hoopla joins Revolution Coffee
in serving up mean cuppas for those group brainstorming
sessions and a space to breathe and relax after an intense
morning at work.
Obey the house rules.
Omg, is the two-wheeler the latest mod accessory for
cafes nowadays?
A dedicated barista, Faiz, at work. The lions had a great chat with him about
the third wave specialty coffee moment with an emphasis on single origin coffee
with unique roast profiles. He mentions that coffee is into the initial fourth wave
here when you look at the complexity of machines, the relationship with
individual farms & roasters, etc. Perhaps you might be able to ask for coffee
with specific cupping scores next time lol.
We decide to put aside all that high brow coffee talk
for the moment and just sit, relax and enjoy the company.
Apart from some high bar stools at the front, you might like to grab the only
sofa seat at the back.
As it was occupied, the lions settled for a seat by the tall ceiling to floor
Looking at the menu, prices of mains hover around
$15 to $18. Let's start with a morning perk-me-up.
The long black (expresso + water) was pleasantly mild and
fruity without the strong acidic bite at the end. Current blend from
beans by Toby's Estate with a little expert tweaking. 
Royale ($17): Smoked Salmon on toast, poached eggs,
hollandaise and vinaigrette greens.
The lions were cajoled to try the lemon cake ($6) fresh outta the oven.
Great attempt but they found it a little dry.
Smurfy Senior & Junior give a thumbs up for the
coffee and food. This joint is run by a bunch of
passionate locals, including the chef who used to
cut his teeth at Choupinette.

When the lions first saw Hoopla, it reminded them of an irritating fish in Spongebob and they convulsed in laughter. But wethinks the owners are referring to a celebratory vibe of buzz and hype.

 Hoopla Coffee & Kitchen
21 Media Circle
#01-05 Infinite Studios
Singapore 138562

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