Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The "Underground" Ronin

After making a few trips to the newest coffee joints around the island, including Assembly, the lions were a little disappointed by the stunning lack of good bites and personality. Oh well, as they needed an inspired break, they decided to pop down to Ronin one evening, banking on the fact that it was conceptualised by the good folks behind The Plain and The Bravery.  They had almost thought that the place was closed for the day as they peered through the glass door and noted the dim lighting. Bah! A lady sweeping the floor at the entrance allayed their fears and welcomed them into what was probably the ultimate bohemian paragon of hipsterism. They felt a little self-conscious and proceeded to order at the counter. So no signage and now, no visible menu as well. Hmmm... ... after rattling off the few food items that consisted mainly of sandwiches, the server proceeded to take the lions' coffee order.

Add CEREAL to the list of hipster reads that
this cafe carries.
The lions were in awe of the interior.  The weathered wooden chairs and tables,
vintage steel cabinets, naked light bulbs and walls that were deliberately
painted an earthy sand colour came together to give off a moody
and primal kinda vibe. It was like stepping into a surreal piece of art or an
eery movie set. We kid you not.
The lions stuck to the java which was surprisingly, a little
mild that day. The usual Genovese blend
of beans from Melbourne used.
We can almost see Sherlock Holmes emerging from the shadows
to exclaim, "Elementary, my dear Watson." Then again, might be our
over-imaginative mind.
A couple of seating options.
But they chose to relax and people-watch from the long
table at the corner. They did not get the feudal Jap cum
Samurai references of the cafe's name though; prolly too
high brow for them to understand. But this place does
emit an underground, speakeasy kinda feel.

17 Hongkong Street
Singapore 059660
Tues to Sun, 8am to 8pm

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