Monday, February 24, 2014

Mains at 8 at Knuckles

After waiting for almost half an hour past its official opening time at 7pm, the shutters finally rolled up and the crowd rushed in to chope available seats. The chef was late but nobody seemed to care. No disapproving glares or petulant frowns were noted; not a single *%&k was given. Boy, this quasi-German joint is fast becoming as popular as its Thai neighbour, Nakhon. Why the popularity? Prices are as shiok as the quality of grub here. No GST and no service charge at this trendy neighbourhood restaurant-bar with wooden crates doubling up as tables and part of the hip decor.  Mains are priced at $8nett and a pint of draught Erdinger goes for a flat $10. Don't know how the recent 25% hike in alcohol tax is gonna affect f&b businesses around the island though. It's almost blasphemous when this city already has the most exorbitantly priced tipples in the world. Leave the working man's drink alone!

This neighbourhood restaurant-bar in Hougang counts families among
its ardent fans.
Quick set-up as the crowd rushes in.
Hip naked hanging light bulbs are almost ubiquitous in new stripped down,
industrial inspired joints.
Mains at $8. How affordable! No wonder the heartlanders go nutty at
Queue at the counter to place your order and foot the bill at the same time.
Knuckles is known for its signature crispy Pork Knuckles.
This unsweetened homemade ice lemon tea has a nice
foamy head. It's shaken, not stirred in a cocktail mixer.
Speaking of foamy heads, quench your thirst with
the real deal.
Shoe-string truffle fries at $5. A decent portion with a
good douse of the pungent oil. No complains.
Almost everyone at the table went for the dish of German Pork Knuckles.
And it delivered. Moist and tender meat with a good amount of succulent
fats underneath a layer of crisp skin slightly burnt at the edges. Yummy!
The sides of mash spiced with nutmeg and the crunchy sauerkraut were
also executed well.
Only the lion was brave enough to try something different on the menu
and he was duly rewarded. The rather uninspiring looking Pork Schitzel
turned out to be really delish with its golden batter accompanied by a rather
strange tasting but addictive milky sauce.
The sides of fried sotong balls came last with the balls sliced in halves.
8 pieces at $3, go do the maths; overall, a rather mediocre dish. Go for the
other light bites.

The lions soon realised that Knuckles may perhaps be owned by the same people behind the neighbouring Nakhon when a few frazzled wait staff came over to help by clearing tables. The lions give this place their wholehearted paws up. We need more of such neighbourhood joints on the island!

Blk 212 Hougang Street 21
#01-33 Hougang Kovan District
Singapore 530212

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