Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Real Food in the West

Real Food has opened a branch in the oft-neglected West. And this has got to be the cosiest one of all. With a little mezzanine separating the cafe into individual nooks, the relaxed vibe (think dimmed downlights, warm wood accents, unobtrusive grey plush cushions and easy-listening tunes) is enough to lull you into a mini daytime reverie as you quietly enjoy a book. The lions are familiar with the grub from past offerings at the cavernous Orchard branch. The menu here is similar to the downtown branch, with consistency maintained in the quality of food. The independent, self-run cafe was started by a group of passionate individuals who believe "we are what we eat"; food is free from processed ingredients and dishes are made from scratch where possible. Lastly, they are also meat free. So spend a guilt-free day here sipping an organic soy latte from the Sonnentor Melange blend of beans.

Health junkies can spend an indecent amount of time getting educated
and shopping at the retail area. Grab your "superfood" here to feel energised
or a detox set to compensate for all that festive binging.
Not all coconut oils are made equal. You can use this
on eczema-tic skin or even as a bread spread!
Cuchi loves soaps. They are generally made more naturally
than liquid body washes.
Mmmm exotic ingredients like frankincense, star anise, clove and
even coffee are used.
You can pick up some quinoa by weight here.
All that buzz surrounding chia seeds - the super food of
Aztecs, Mayans and Incas. Legend has it that warriors
chew these humble-looking seeds for strength before a
Detox comes now in spiffy looking packages.
Choose from a Gall Bladder, Liver or Kidney Retreat. LOL.
Wonder how this would taste like as a meal... ...
Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?
Organic seeds are available here for sprouting.
Like what we said... ... everyone's crazy over chia.
Chi-chi looking low GI energy bars now come
with it.
Real Food signature bookshelf with health reads.
We plonk ourselves here at the back of the cafe.
Don't you think this place resembles an upmarket bookshop?
Laze here... ...
Or here... ...
Cafe and Retail, plus some education on the things we ingest.
Alfresco sitting.
This Banana Strawberry Smoothie was so delish,
the lioness had two servings. Oh well, guilt-free with
fresh fruits, soy milk and dash of agave syrup and... ....
chia seeds of course.
This purple drink is da bomb!
Dumplings handmade in small batches every day.
No less than 10 ingredients are used that include
mushrooms, carrots, beancurd, french beans and turnip.
Cardboard placards with different words of wisdom
on each table.
Fast? In Singapore? Now that's a tall order!
Delicious and Donna Hay magazines.

Check out other joints at West Coast Plaza and see Japanese taitais pushing their baby strollers.

The Newest Kid on the Block is Gochi-So Chaya, a Japanese delicatessen
with a cafe space.
Admittedly, the lions tried the grub and weren't so impressed by it.
Still what a lovely space to chill and relax.

Recalling some grub moments at Real Food Killiney Road:

Real Food
154 West Coast Road
West Coast Plaza
Singapore 127371

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