Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Ang Moh Roast at CH叉R

Ang moh sous vide style cooking + Cantonese style roast = Char.  The lion made his way down for a taste test at this new joint. Will it fail his Asian palate? The man behind this restaurant is a Vietnamese-born, UK citizen. He is helped at the helm by a consulting chef who is also his brother. This brother owns a Chinese restaurant in Birmingham, England. Personally, the lion had hoped for some verbal abuse that might take him back to the rudest restaurant in London - Wong Kei.    

 Located underneath an unassuming block of low rise apartments
along Guillemard Road, Char is not difficult to spot. Watch out for its clean
black signage. The hip Tuckshop, who counts HK actress Cecilia Cheung
as its patron, is just a few doors away... ... We wonder if she has tried
this place.......
Waaaah.... Authenticity declared. Ok challenge accepted.
Cantonese Roast given a mod update.
Palate cleanser - lime juice.
Poor little pig... ... doesn't know its fate.
Simple but modern furnishings. Great for family dinners.
Lion and friends got the triple roast platter to share ($20.50).
You get to choose 3 meats out of 4. They picked the roast duck,
crispy pork belly and the special char siew.
The roast duck was a little disappointing for the lion as he's
more of a traditionalist when it comes to roast (his late uncle
was a roast chef). The skin was rendered dry and the meat juicy,
but taste wise, it was nothing extraordinary or to live for
compared to local gold standards around the island.
Special Char Siew.... now this is the highlight. The lion usually
does not like his meats sweet but this char siew was well-balanced
(for lack of a better word). It had a good ratio of fats and the caramalised
glaze was not too overtly sweet. The meat was so tender (thanks to
sous vide?) and was not too charred with a little addictive burnt ends
The roast pork belly is another must-try dish that had been
marinated in a medley of Chinese (and not so Chinese) herbs
and spices overnight. After which, it is roasted on high heat till the
skin bubble. Again, a good ratio of succulent fats, juicy meat and
crackling skin. Nuff said.
 Hot and sour soup ($5).  This classic Sichuan broth is comfortingly
yummy but for those who are not adventurous on the spice trail, do
tell them not to add chilli padi into the soup.
Beef hor fun ($12)..... well, just order if you need to have your
carbo fix.

Verdict? The Char Siew and Pork Belly are worth a try. The lion thinks the char siew resembles the acclaimed version at Overseas Restaurant in KL. Apart from food, there is also a selection of English ciders and beers. A comfy place to have your meal and then wash it all down with English booze.

393 Guillemard Road 
Singapore 399790

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