Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Specialty Coffee & Grub at 63 Celsius

The owner behind the much loved but now defunct Foodbar Dada has opened a similar concept restaurant albeit in a more spacious venue. Just like Foodbar Dada, the Josper Grill features in much of the cooking, lending its alluring smoky charcoal notes to dishes. The menu is supplemented by more substantial mains for lunch alongside tapas or small plates by Chilean Chef Rodrigo Guerrero Ibanez. Yup, we hear you can sink your teeth into a sizeable tomahawk steak here. Other than being a serious watering hole for corporate yuppies in the area, the restaurant also doubles up as a cafe serving a mean cup of specialty coffee "curated" by local coffee veteran, Tony Tan. They think that the best temperature to serve a perfect cup of milk-based coffee is at 63 Celcius, hence the name. Beans are sourced from independent roasters all over the island.   

Grab a seat at the counter for some culinary action.
Open kitchen and bar concept.
No, the lion does not like his coffee piping hot but he's not too sure that
63 is the magic number.
Ok he sees the coffee veteran at the helm. This place is really popular
among the discerning office crowd for takeaway java.
Tall ceiling to floor glass windows make this a great spot to people watch as
Black Squid Ink Croquettes ($15). A delectable play of contrasts: crusty exterior
envelops a creamy bechamel filling spiked with squid ink.
Asparagus With Goat Cheese And Tomato Jam ($18). An interesting dish
with again a playful take on contrasting textures. The thick asparagus spears
were crunchy. A mixture of sweet, bland and slight salty notes on the palate.
The must-order dish! Omg this would make a perfect Easter dish.
63Signature Baby Squid In Enoki Egg Nest ($12). A soft boiled egg sits
in a lovely nest of grilled enoki mushooms that conceals a bed of
grilled baby squids underneath. Break up the egg and take a mouthful
of the unglamorous mess. Heavenly!
Skip the Bacon and Cheese Burger ($20) for the next piece de resistance.
(Hand crushed, Josper charocal grilled 120 grams USDA beef topped with
crispy bacon, gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, hash browns on brioche bun.)
The highlight of the meal was definitely the Burrata Burger ($22). The rich
creaminess of the burrata was a perfect foil for the hearty and robust beef patty.
Sublimely awesome. (Hand crushed, Josper charcoal grilled 120 grams USDA beef
topped with truffled burrata, fresh tomato, asparagus ketchup on brioche bun.)
Long Black: full bodied, smooth, low acidity.

63 Celsius
12 Marina View
Asia Square Tower 2

Singapore 018961

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