Friday, April 4, 2014

Japanese Curry Express at Fortune Centre

Opened six months ago, the prosaically named Japanese Curry Express flies so charmingly under the radar that only a privileged few know of its unassuming existence. Hidden at the third floor of the rather archaic looking Fortune Centre, this joint is budget-style kitsch and proud to be so with its unfashionable table covers and utilitarian stools. But it more than makes up for the lack of ambience with the warm, down-to-earth service on top of awesomely tasty and affordable fare. The menu is pretty straightforward, showcasing comfort food like donburis, makis, ramen and of course, curry rice. 

Packed on a Saturday night but cosily quiet on a Sunday afternoon,
this joint makes no apologies for its modest appearance. Patrons are here
mainly for the wallet friendly prices (no svc charge nor gst too) and
simple but delish fare.
Salmon Mentai Maki ($8.50)
Spider Maki ($8.00)
Pork Katsu Curry Rice ($6.50)
Ebi Fry Curry Rice ($6.50)
Char Siew Ramen ($6.50)
Katsu Don ($6.50)
Hiyashi Ramen ($6.50)
Finish your meal with a hot cup of slimming green tea.

At such stunningly decent prices in the heart of the city, don't expect your grub to be gourmet stuff (even though the makis were lip-smacking restaurant quality). The lions are so won over by this place, they foresee themselves becoming regulars already. Somehow the vibe and food rather reminded them of the nondescript Tamako at Upper Thomson Road, albeit a little more stark.

Japanese Curry Express
190 Middle Road
Fortune Centre
Singapore 188979

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