Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New York Pizza Factory - 10-inch Pizzas at $10

Another New York style pizza joint pops up this time in the heart of the CBD targeting the lunch-hour office crowd. After all the fuss over Tony's Pizza at River Valley Road, the lions went down during a Sunday afternoon for a bite of the hot off the oven thin-crust pizzas made proudly from homemade doughs at New York Pizza Factory.

Don't wait for the laundry to dry on a weekend;
time to grab some mood improving grub!
Sunday sees an equally busy crowd (more families) hungry for comfort food.
And some peckish spillover shoppers from the vintage weekend bazaar at
China Square Central.
DIY or Build Your Own 10-inch pizzas for only $10!
The lions see lots of happy faces doing takeaways
including hungry service staff working the weekend shifts.
You can order the usual run-of-the-mill flavours but
why not customise your own at the same price?!
Choose up to 4 veggies and 1 protein. Top up a reasonable $2 for an additional
protein. Sweet!
Limited aisle seating.
What's that? Condiments......wooooo....let's take a closer
Olive oil, Tabasco, peppercorn & sea salt grinders
on top of the more commonplace chili flakes and parmesan
A little hungry patron watches patiently as his pizza is made right in front
of his curious eyes.
This joint's a hit with the kids with its long open-concept
counter. Let's go through the process, shall we?
Step One: Brush the DoughXpress (the handy machine that
flattens the dough) with a little fat. Set the homemade
dough in place and press.
Step 2: Dust with a little flour and shape dough.
Step 3: Transfer dough to the wooden pizza paddle.
Step 4: Laddle some tomato sauce over the dough.
Step 5: Time for the fun part - getting the ingredients right for each order.
And finally off to the oven!
Mama Mia! It looks gorgeous, doesn't it?
The lions had a customised order with pepperoni,
jalapeno peppers, olives, baby spinach and rocket salad.
Really value for moolah even though the crust wasn't
as good as Tony's. They are more generous with
ingredients here though!
The pizza comes on one of those ubiquitous brown
hawker tabao sheets. Very cheeky! Looks like you
just had chai tow kuay or chwee kueh judging from the oil
imprints alone.

New York Pizza Factory
18 Cross Street
China Square Central
Singapore 058746

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