Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lunch at The Flying Squirrel

Local music duo Jack & Rai's cheekily named The Flying Squirrel was on the lion's "to eat" list for quite some time but he never seem to have luck arranging a meal there. New places popping up elsewhere would distract him from the original agenda. He finally scored a business luncheon at TFS one day. The lion had curiously checked out the place via its hidden entrance at the side of a tiny street one evening (very underground, speakeasy vibe). And to his abject horror, the little claustrophobic space with its small windows was packed full of diners. A good thing for the restaurant but noise resounding off the walls became deafening echoes. Not a good thing for folks wanting some conversation over dinner. He made a mental note to come back for lunch, hoping that it might be a quieter affair.

One of Time Out Magazine's Best Restaurants of 2013. TFS recently celebrated its
first anniversary.
With its exposed brick walls and concrete accents, decor was raw minimalist.
Truffled Ebi Fry ($15). You can almost hear the sound of
your teeth breaking through the crisp and crunchy coating.
Must-order! Only the lion's ahem more sensitive palate
could detect the hint of truffle. An above average but
straight forward dish.
The Sashimi Set ($26++). Five types of sashimi, karaage chicken, japanese salad
and fruits.
The Chef's Surprise Set ($30++). Go for this superb value-for-moolah lunch set
instead. When the rattan tray came that day, the lion was bowled over by the
impressive slab of unagi (so generous chef!). Other sides include the onsen egg,
pumpkin croquette, tako wasabi and pork katsu salad.
Pork Katsu Salad (Chef's Surprise Set). We must say that
they do fried items pretty well.
Onsen egg with soba jelly (Chef's Surprise Set). This sublime,
silky smooth side dish that was so refreshing probably eclipsed the
juicy main. If only tau huey was this "glide down the throat"
A perfectly grilled and marinated eel.
The Sashmi. 
A favourite with Japanese expats as well.
You might like to kick back with some after work drinks here.

The lion had heard a lot about the chirashi bowl here but did not get to try it that afternoon. Overall, the Chef's Special Set was quite a stunner. And the portion was beautifully right for a midday meal.    

The Flying Squirrel
92 Amoy Street
Singapore 069911

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