Wednesday, April 23, 2014

May the Froth be with You - Latte Art Thowdown on Duxton Hill

The lions were invited to view the first ever Latte Art Thowdown on Duxton Hill at Cafe Ergo Sum. This was a friendly competition opened to amateur baristas around the island to see who could free-pour the best latte art in a cup. The two cats loved the friendly camaraderie, bantering and light-hearted jibes going around. They observed also some stony faces scrunched up in the heat of the competition, and caving in to stress, where hawk-like eyes trained on every tilt of the cup and flick of the wrist. Hmmm.... the art of bringing excellence to the cup seems to be becoming much of a serious cultivation among the predominantly young crowd (under 30s).  

Competitors stand almost cheek to jowl in the tight space.
It's over in minutes for each competitor as judges deliberate
quickly on results to whittle down the competition.
Moment of truth. A representative from Toby's Estate was
part of the judging panel. Yup, as you can guess, Cafe Ergo Sum
carries Toby's Estate beans.
Participants and their supporters cheer on as they observe the friendly rivalry.
Can you take the heat? The spotlight's literally on you.
Who will take the crown?
It's not a crown! But a erm golden portafilter. Cool.
Getting ready to froth the milk......quivering hands
stop pls......
Battle of the sexes
Those at the back observe the proceedings screened on a wall.

Cafe Ergo Sum sure wants to cement its reputation as a venue for great coffee among java devotees. The lions have tried the grub here on previous occasions. Pretty decent menu brought to you by the brains behind Smoke Shack but what's interesting is that they serve excellent conservas in a tin as an accompaniment for after-work drinks. Yup, canned food has a dodgy reputation here in Asia but back in Spain, if the Spaniards think that something is excellent, they put it in a tin. Think canned anchovies, mussels, razor clams and octopus at some of the best tapas places in the land of siestas. The specially selected range at Cafe Ergo Sum is served with toasted baguettes, sea salt and lime.

Check out their coffee cocktails as well.
The lions tried the well-balanced Tiramisu Martini one evening.
Ergo Sum without the competitive madness.
The owner's mad for vinyls. They do have live jazz nights on some evenings.

Cafe Ergo Sum
13 Duxton Hill
Singapore 08959

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