Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Assembly Coffee - The Hottest Barista on the island

Ok, just a short and boliao post. In Mr Business Times words, "coffee people meet at coffee places". And, guess who the lions bumped into recently at Assembly Coffee? Why, it's the friendly folks from The Alley in Penang; one of the lions' favourite cafe hang-outs on that island. Helloooooo neighbour! Glad we could be of some help in this cross-border coffee exchange... ...  And we must say that the rare female barista at Assembly - and we heard owner too - could be one of the hottest people coaxing liquid gold out of a sexy espresso machine.  Pity the tiny space though.

Is this the year of fruitful increase or what? First we had sakura-like blooms (mempat trees) appearing all over the island after a spell of drought here, and now, the lions spot trees pregnant with the abundance of fruits. Go grab a handful of mangos behind Assembly for that chilled dessert at home.   

 Assembly Coffee
 26 Evans Lodge
Singapore 25936

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