Wednesday, April 2, 2014

As Izy as it gets... ...

The Lion had the privilege of choosing a venue for a company luncheon and while racking his brains. he realised that it was going to be as simple as I-Z-Y. Izy prides itself for its alternative spin to traditional Izakaya grub complemented by an edgy and contemporary decor. Upon stepping into the restaurant, you will be greeted by a long, almost kitschy manga-inspired mural by a local artist. Word on the street has it that Izy serves one of the best chicken karaage dishes on the island. Not surprising given the pedigree of the head chef - Tokyo native chef Kazumasa Yazawa hails from celebrated restaurants like Sydney's Tetsuya and Waku Ghin at MBS. A common gripe, however, is that portions are small given the steep prices. But after Mr Business Times' insistent coaxing, harping on Izy's bang-for-buck lunch set meal, the big cat was convinced.

An addition to Club Street's bunch of bohemian eateries.

Izy's long bar seating. If you have a big group, do call ahead to grab the
only few tables situated near the door. However, if you want to catch the chef
and mixologist doing their thang, why not seat at the bar counter and watch them
as you sip your sake?
The mural delights in everything Japanese from Pokemon, Ultraman to
near naughty stuff. Enough to keep your eyes feasting for 5 minutes.

Simple setting with wooden cutlery. Most of the people in the group
opted for the safest bet - chirashi. The lions decided to go for the
chicken karaage instead.
Mixed leaf salad with spicy goma sauce.
Chawanmushi with lotus, chives, lime and wasabi.
Lion and his colleagues  loved
 the surprising kiss of lime in the chawanmushi.
Pickled plum and fermented vegetables to whet the appetite.
Karaage Chicken Don with a crispy coating. Generous portion and the balsamic
soy sauce gave a slightly sour and umami kick to the rice. But was it the best
the lion has ever tasted? He thinks not.
Hokkaido Chirashi Zushi. The sashimi slices were delectably fresh and
again portions were generous.

Wagyu No Shiguerni Don. Josper grilled wagyu beef
with sweet soy, served on rice with mushroom. 
The Chirashi Zushi was the best out of the three dishes.
Dessert of the day. The lion and colleagues found this herb
infused sorbet pleasantly refreshing with chopped grapes at the bottom.
27 Club Street
Singapore 069413

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