Monday, April 14, 2014

Tanjong Rhu Bao + Belirub

A rainy Saturday saw the lions nibbling on steaming hot Tanjong Rhu baos followed by lunch at nearby Belirub.
A wet day makes for a breezy and cool stroll around the Jalan Batu
We go jalan jalan... ...
Just horsing around.
A nostalgic snip at an old school barber shop.
This modern grocer stocks restaurant grade seafood,
meats and poultry at wholesale prices. The lions approve
of the name. Rawr!
Vain neighbourhood cool cat poses for a shot.
A real beauty.
The Art of War in progress. Silencio!
Facials, anyone?
Hit me with a bao! You've got two ravenous lions awaiting
their treat.
Catching up on the morning news.
Only the ironically small Da Rou Bao and the mini-me
Char Siew Bao were available during that close to lunch
hour. Grrrrrrr... ...
Plus kopi a little too "po" today. Should have said
"gao gao"... ... Neber mind, got plan b... ...
Time for a real lunch at Belirub!
Da man behind this admirable one man operation is none other than Chef Vincent
who is an alumnus of Le Cordon Bleu Austin (Texas). He also counts other
5 star hotels in his resume. Upping standards on Western food in good ole
hawker style indeed.
Hungry lines form at some popular stalls at Jalan Batu Food Centre as well.
Crispy Maryland Chicken ($5 plus).
The lions were more impressed by this juicy cut of tenderloin
with wine sauce accompanied by the outstanding sides of
potato gratin and homemade tofu that looked like a quiche at
first. A little pricy at $14.80 for such a setting but it was worth
every bite. Compliments to the chef! The plate was left squeaky
clean after the attack of the two cats.
A walk along Geylang River.
Time to work out after all those calories. The spirit is willing
but the flesh is weak.
Exploring an old community centre.
Till next time... adieu...

Jalan Batu Market & Cooked Food Centre
Blk 4A Jalan Batu #01-12
Singapore 432004 

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