Friday, April 25, 2014

Holy Guacamole! Mex Out Madness gets Serious

A quick lunch to satisfy a craving saw the Monster Cats and lioness at Mex Out. Hoping to beat the lunch hour frenzy at downtown Raffles Place, they vowed to be early but the lioness secured a table first while the other two grappled with pressing matters. The brief respite while waiting offered her some time to collect her thoughts before the surge of patrons form a belly long assembly line at the counter. Yup this is the ultimate DIY taco/burrito venue on the island that has been dubbed a Chipotle knock off. Some online reviews by the expat community have not been too kind citing the lack of authenticity. But that, apparently, have not deterred many homesick palates judging from the pretty impressive traffic. Damn overwhelming loh. Hey, mai hiam buay pai, we are just thankful that some ingenious fellow brought the concept to our shores in a pretty chic and clever way. Love whoever did the branding for them.  

Mex Out touts itself as a champion of Fresh Mex. Emphasis is on fresh and
healthy varieties of Mexican grub. Reminiscent of Subway. You get
to pick the ingredients, laid before your eyes at the counter, that go into
your perfect taco of the day.
The line gets longer than this... ...
The honest promo: Somber Sunday and Mellow Monday
might plague just about anyone. We love Taco Tuesdays
of course.
Valentina hot sauce for siao folks who always ask for extra
chili padi.
For the uninitiated, skimming through
the helpful instructions is recommended.
The absolutely ravenous should go for the rice bowl
with its generous portion. Eeerr... yup you'll see.
Select what you want and then pick your protein and choice
of salsa. Add a dollar or two for premium meats and toppings
like homemade Guacamole ($2! but it comes in an huge dollop),
sour cream and cheese. Yah mind the damage to the pocket
later. The lioness went for the Cochinita Pibil (pork shoulder in
orange juice, spices and banana leaf) and Carne Asada (Australian
flank steak marinated in cilantro, cumin and ancho chilis)
on her tacos. Delicious but more meat pls!
Afterwork drinks?
Two tacos for $9.90 and three for $12.90.
Quite pricey for lunch. But this seems to be the norm here.
Humble Mexican food is not cheap on this island. The lioness
did not even feel half satiated after two tacos. Help!
Distracted by the artwork... ...
The Monster Cats' meal. Rice bowl + tacos.
Wash it down with imported Mexican soda.
We thought the website design was so funky cool, it
should be shared:

Mex Out
39 Pekin Street
Singapore 048769

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