Thursday, April 3, 2014

England goes to the Heartlands at Bloomsbury Bakers

Sitting almost too quietly underneath a block of aging flats, Bloomsbury Bakers feels unmistakably like a fish out of water. Still, the lions are applauding the bravery of the founders for deciding to take root in such a seemingly unbecoming locale. Bloomsbury Bakers joins its unlikely neighbour - the low key Boon Keng hawker centre (think delish local breakfast offerings) - hoping to attract possibly a different foodie demographic. There is nothing ostentatious, however, about the place named after Bloomsbury Square in London where the love for baking sweet treats was birthed in the bellies of two friends at the famed Cordon Bleu. In such an unassuming location, the cafe was invitingly cosy with simple but elegant touches and the service impeccable.The lion did a takeaway but was treated to a nice cuppa as well.    

Cheery pom-poms in happy colours beckoning you in... ...
Uncle, auntie, you want some angmoh dangao and kopi
a not?
The lion agonises over his choice of sweets.
Small interior but they proudly showcase a fair variety of cakes on top of
customised orders, cupcakes and other pastries.
English Chessboard floor.
The lion grabbed the humble pound cake as a gift. He
was told later that it was delightfully moist and buttery.
The lion decided to grab the Lychee Martini and Opera cakes.
Jars with homely touches.
The jar at the top left corner contain sugar sticks ($3 per pack).
Yikes! Hardcore stuff. There are more palatable options like
the dainty madeleines.

The lion was offered coffee on the house. Well, this is something
worth mentioning (not the cup of free coffee but why it was given).
The lion wanted to order a box of cakes but Bloomsbury ran out of
a good box size to fit those cakes. Instead of just asking the lion to
accept whatever packaging they have, one of the kind ladies offered
to run out to purchase an emergency box. Talk about good service!!

And hence he nursed the cuppa during the wait. Nothing gourmet but
the gesture was greatly appreciated indeed.
The lioness got to try Bloomsbury Bakers' signature cakes -
the Lychee Martini and the Opera cake - with Miss Bombadier.
Mixed reviews: In comparison to Pine Garden's famed version,
Miss Bombadier preferred Bloomsbury's version. She thought that
it was pleasantly lighter with the alcoholic notes concentrated mainly
in the fruit. The lioness gave her vote to the defending champion
as she thought that the flavours were punchier and spread more
evenly throughout the PG cake. Bloomsbury's version seemed like
a toothless competitor in comparison. The opera cake was a light
affair as well, not suited for those more partial to bold flavours.

Bloomsbury Bakers
30 Bendemeer Road
Singapore 330030

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